I enjoy talking about design strategy, design culture and organizational stuff. I've given talks in English and French to various audiences ranging from design enthusiasts to Banks' CEOs. If you'd like to invite me to speak at your event, please get in touch.

We're not doing Design Systems properly and that’s okay

How do you ‘do’ Design Systems? Expectations are so high nowadays. Implement Design Tokens. Have a dedicated Design System team. Get a Design System manager.

There isn’t one way to do Design Systems. This talk shares some lessons on priorizing impacts over grip.

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The UX Efficient Frontier

For years we, designers, have been celebrated for making everything easier. For decluttering complex and convoluted interfaces. For adding a bit of emotion to all those dull screens.

But can we go too far sometimes?

  • Presented at:
  • ConveyUX, online webinar, May 2023 Upcoming
  • UX and Product Design Week in London, UK, Aug 2022
  • Config, in San Francisco, USA & online, May 2022
  • Interaction Design Foundation, online, Apr 2022
  • UCD Gathering, online webinar, Nov 2021
  • UXPA Boston conference, online webinar, Sep 2021
  • UX Days Conference, online webinar, June 2021
  • The Global Fintech Design Summit, online webinar, May 2021
  • Fintech Design Summit, online webinar, Nov 2020

Design x strategy: minding other people’s business

We're in a world of rising visibility and responsibilities for design. Yet, "with great power comes great responsibility".

This talk shares several tips on how designers can get a seat at the table and keep it.

  • Presented at:
  • Product Unleashed, in Brighton, UK, Nov 2021
  • UCD Gathering, online workshop, Oct 2020
  • UX in Lux, online workshop, Oct 2020
  • Interaction Design Foundation, online master class, Mar 2020
  • UX Live Conference in London, UK, Nov 2019
  • IxDA Meetup in Marseille, France, Oct 2019
  • UX Days Conference in Paris, France, Jun 2019

From silos to systems: design for change

How can companies optimise for responsiveness and reduce design entropy? This case study covers how we used design to implement systemic change in a 150-year-old bank.

Resource: Slides
  • Presented at:
  • Intersection, in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2022
  • Financial Services CX Conference, online webinar, Jun 2021
  • CX Summit in Athens, Greece, Nov 2019
  • Societe Generale TechWeek in Paris, France, Nov 2019
  • UXDX Conference in Dublin, Ireland, Oct 2019
  • Designing for Fintech UX Crunch in London, UK, Feb 2019

Ok we have a Design System, now what?

What happens once you’ve laid out the basics and foundations of your design system? When the components and guidelines are “done”?

A design system is a living organism, and there’s always more to do. So what’s next?

Resources: Slides Slides 🇫🇷

Design x improv: your design safe space (workshop)

It takes more than just being a great designer to succeed in your work environment. Let's use improv and roleplay to help you thrive at work!

  • Hosted for:
  • Paris Web, in Paris, France, October 2022
  • UX Days Conference in Paris, France, May 2022
  • UX Live Conference in London, UK, Nov 2019
  • UX and Product Design Week in London, UK, Aug 2019

Using design to increase client centricity

What makes a product successful? If you cannot clearly define what problem the product solves, then it’s not viable… it’s just sexy.

  • Presented at:
  • Data Marketing Paris in Paris, France, Nov 2019
  • Micro Frontend #codejam in Bangalore, India, Oct 2019
  • Marcus Evans Conference in London, UK, Apr 2018

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