From Business to Design

🐣 I wasn’t born a UX designer.

I started my career in consulting and finance, explaining structured investment solutions to diverse clients ranging from French agricultural cooperatives (in Paris) to regional banks in Asia (in Hong Kong).

Drawing of a finance formula

Back then, I was a victim of disjointed interfaces.

It almost seemed to be a point of pride on the trading floor! The more complicated your screen looked, the cooler you were.

Drawing of many screens

But I had a secret: I was an undercover designer.

Day job aside, I was a freelance artist and developing indie games (still doing it today!), and I rebelled against my badly designed tools to change them.

Drawing of Detective Pikachu

I am now responsible for the design vision and strategy of Societe Generale CIB. I lead from London an international and multidisciplinary team of design experts in service of our mission to empower people to take control over sophisticated products and financial systems.

Drawing of a bottle with a quest invitation

I'm also a culture change advocate for highly collaborative organizations 🚀.

Life snippets

Picture of radical inclusion Picture of an explorer globe Picture of nature outing Picture of mountain climbing Picture of London Picture of a drawing


English bio

Morgane Peng is responsible for the design vision and strategy of Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking. She delivers united and meaningful experiences with her team across Societe Generale products for start-ups, corporates and financial institutions.

Previously, Morgane adventured into various fields of consulting, financial markets and tech. In her spare time, she’s a gamer at heart and works on an indie video game successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

French bio 🇫🇷

Morgane Peng est Director of UX & Design pour la banque de financement et d’investissement de Société Générale. Forte d’une expérience entrepreneuriale dans les industries numériques, culturelles et créatives, elle s’est aventurée dans divers domaines du conseil en entreprise, de la finance de marché, du design et de la tech.

Parallèlement à sa carrière, Morgane est une Game Artist passionnée qui participe activement au développement de jeux vidéo indépendants.


If you're a conference and you need a headshot, I recommend this 1:1 headshot or this 2:3 portrait. Also, did I mention that I also have a 1:1 headshot with a Pikachu tail?

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