I’ve been very fortunate to chat and exchange ideas with amazing people across the design industry. I believe this is how we grow stronger as a community.


Design MBA Podcast

Design Leaders Need Side Hustles – Design MBA

It's often taboo to talk about your side hustle or side project at work. I discussed with️ Jayneil why design leaders need to embrace it within their teams, and how my own side project - an indie game - ended up making Reddit’s front page during our Kickstarter campaign. Dec 2020

The DS Pod

The Right Level of Complexity for The Right People – The DS Pod

Chris and I discuss threading design into the fabric of how business works, capturing complexity needs within a design system, moving away from traditional design tools and the lessons from game development. Sep 2020


XD Ideas

A Tour Around the World of Financial UX – Adobe XD Ideas

I shared our design story with Adobe: how a small foot in the door led to bigger changes, why I used doodles to explain our digital strategy and why building a high performing team takes time. Aug 2020

UX Live

Demystifying Design Leadership – UX Live Conference

As digital experiences take their place at the heart of enterprise, design leaders are in ever more demand. But what is leadership and what is design leadership? I was invited in a panel discussion to try and answer that exact question. Nov 2019


Collaboration, Constraints, and Chaos – InVision Inside Design

I talked with InVision on how we rethink complicated processes to design digital tools used on trading floors all over the globe — deep dive into a highly collaborative culture, how to embrace constraints and avoid chaos. Sep 2018


Lessons from Design Leaders: Financial Space – InVision Fireside Chat

I chatted with Jesse Lewis (HSBC) and Aarron Walter (InVision) about the challenges with designing for the financial space and how to embrace regulations and constraints while delighting customers. May 2018