I’ve been very fortunate to chat and exchange ideas with amazing people across the design industry. I believe this is how we grow stronger as a community.


Design Journeys

πŸ‡«πŸ‡· The place of design in a big org β€” Design Journeys

Can design find its way in a big org? And how differently is it, compared to startups and scale-ups? I discussed these very questions with Gautier, this time in French! Sep 2021

        97 UX Things

Not all interfaces need to be simplified

Dan interviews authors of the book "97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know" discuss their chapters, career trajectories, and give advice for anyone working in user experience. This is my episode. Jul 2021

The Industry of UX Podcast

UX hiring realities, Part 1 β€” The Industry of UX, Part 2

If being passionate about design isn’t enough to stand out, then what is? Filippo and I describe the hiring realities that UX candidates face in landing their first jobs, how to stand out by leveraging past backgrounds and why time is one of the biggest factors. May 2021

Design MBA Podcast

Design leaders need side hustles β€” Design MBA

It's often taboo to talk about your side hustle or side project at work. Jayneil invited me to discuss why design leaders need to embrace it within their teams, and how my own side project - an indie game - ended up making Reddit’s front page during our Kickstarter campaign. Dec 2020

The DS Pod

The right level of complexity for the right people β€” The DS Pod

Chris and I discuss threading design into the fabric of how business works, capturing complexity needs within a design system, moving away from traditional design tools and the lessons from game development. Sep 2020


XD Ideas

A tour around the world of financial UX β€” Adobe XD Ideas

I shared our design story with Adobe: how a small foot in the door led to bigger changes, why I used doodles to explain our digital strategy and why building a high performing team takes time. Aug 2020

UX Live

Demystifying design leadership β€” UX Live Conference

As digital experiences take their place at the heart of enterprise, design leaders are in ever more demand. But what is leadership and what is design leadership? I was invited in a panel discussion to try and answer that exact question. Nov 2019


Collaboration, constraints, and chaos β€” InVision Inside Design

I talked with InVision on how we rethink complicated processes to design digital tools used on trading floors all over the globe β€” deep dive into a highly collaborative culture, how to embrace constraints and avoid chaos. Sep 2018


Lessons from design leaders: financial space β€” InVision Fireside Chat

I chatted with Jesse Lewis (HSBC) and Aarron Walter (InVision) about the challenges with designing for the financial space and how to embrace regulations and constraints while delighting customers. May 2018