Hello, I'm Morgane.

I've been adventuring into various fields of design, indie game making, consulting, financial markets and tech. Now blending user experience with business strategy in the financial space. I'm currently the Design Director at Societe Generale CIB and live between London 💂 and Paris 🥐.

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#10yearchallenge — The Rise of Design in Corporate and Investment Banking

The days of unreadable Excel spreadsheets are coming to an end! This story explores the use of design in Corporate & Investment Banking services, what it means to rethink an entire industry and why design is now right at the forefront of business strategy. Mar 2019

Changing a 150-Year-Old Bank with Design: 3 Impacts

Design is not the icing on the cake (or the cherry); it needs to be embedded throughout the organization, and this changes how people work together. In this post I discuss the impacts I’ve seen while setting up the design practice at Societe Generale CIB. Apr 2019

How to Design for Advanced Users

In the B2B or B2E spaces, people often find themselves lumbered with existing tools that need serious design work. I explain in this post how we push our design craft for these advanced users and design for some of the most complex applications imaginable. May 2019

Design without Chaos: 9 principles

Working in a team can be hard. Working with other teams can be hell. This post shares the mix of communication, project and team management principles I've gathered for the team from the hundreds of services we designed through the years. Aug 2018

Tackling complex financial subjects in the B2B space

In this article I explain the design approach at Societe Generale and how our users benefit from an open and inclusive approach with close collaboration between the Business, Information Technology and Design teams. Jun 2018


Societe Generale’s Morgane Peng on collaboration, constraints, and chaos

I talked with InVision on how we rethink complicated processes to design digital tools used on trading floors all over the globe — deep dive into a highly collaborative culture, how to embrace constraints and avoid chaos. InVision Blog, Sep 2018

Lessons from Design Leaders: Designing for the Financial Space

I chatted with Jesse Lewis (HSBC) and Aarron Walter (InVision) about the challenges with designing for the financial space and how to embrace regulations and constraints while delighting customers. InVision Fireside Chat, May 2018

Talks & Workshops

I enjoy talking about design strategy, design culture and organizational stuff. I've given talks in English and French to various audiences ranging from design enthusiasts to Banks' CEOs. If you'd like to invite me to speak at your event, please get in touch.

UX Live, London, Nov 2019

Design & Strategy [talk] + Design Your Design Safe Space [workshop]

UXDX Conf, Dublin, Oct 2019

From Siloes to Systems: Using Design to Power Up Business Agility

UX and Digital Design Week, London, Aug 2019

Design Your Design Safe Space [workshop]

Flupa UX Days, Paris, June 2019

Design & Strategy: Why and How to Mind Other People’s Business

UX Crunch: Designing for Fintech Part II, London, Feb 2019

Using Design to Rethink Corporate & Investment Banking Services

Marcus Evans, London, Apr 2018

Optimize UX & Digital Design to Increase Customer Centricity for Financial Institutions

Meet & Talk @SGBT, Luxembourg, Nov 2017

How to Design a Digital Service with Our B2B Design System

HR Focus Societe Generale, Paris, Oct 2016

Crossover Portrait of a User Experience Designer

Design, Business, Growth

About me

🐣 I wasn’t born a UX designer. I started my career in consulting and finance, explaining structured investment solutions to diverse clients ranging from French agricultural cooperatives (in Paris) to regional banks in Asia (in Hong Kong).

Back then, I was a victim of disjointed interfaces. It almost seemed to be a point of pride on the trading floor. The more complicated your screen looked, the cooler you were.

But I had a secret: I was an undercover designer 🕵️‍♀️. Day job aside, I was a freelance artist and developing indie games (still doing it today!). So I rebelled against my badly designed tools to change them.

Fast forward to today ⏩⏩⏩

I am now responsible for the design vision and strategy of Societe Generale CIB. I lead an international and multidisciplinary team of design experts in service of our mission to empower people to take control over sophisticated products and financial systems.

I'm also a culture change advocate to create high performance and collaborative organisations 🚀.

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