A design exec blending user experience with business strategy in the financial space

— who also adventured into indie game making, global markets and tech. I currently work as the Managing Director of Design at Societe Generale CIB, living between London 💂 and Paris 🥐.

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Over-complicated? Over-simplified? The UX Efficient Frontier — Config 2022 Video

For years we, designers, have been celebrated for making everything easier. For decluttering complex and convoluted interfaces. For adding a bit of emotion to all those dull screens. But can we go too far sometimes? May 2022

Red flags? Things to check in your design interviews and why Article

Your working environment matters, even more so today. How can you work out if a team is right for you, without being too inquisitive? I gathered these bits of advice to help candidates make better informed decisions when joining their next companies. Mar 2022

4 false assumptions we made about our Design System (updated) Article

What happens after you release a design system for the first time? After you press that holy Production button? In this article, I look back over 8 years in the making and share several false assumptions we had, and why we came to change our minds. Feb 2022


How to deal with people who don’t “get” design: design and strategy

As designers, we often complain that others don’t “get" design. The reality is a little bit more complex. Find your strategy. 23 min, Oct 2020

The right level of complexity for the right people — The DS Pod Podcast

Chris and I discuss threading design into the fabric of how business works, capturing complexity needs within a design system, moving away from traditional design tools and the lessons from game development. Sep 2020

#10yearchallenge: the rise of design in Corporate and Investment Banking Article

The days of unreadable Excel spreadsheets are coming to an end! This story explores the use of design in Corporate & Investment Banking services and what it really means to rethink an entire industry. Mar 2019

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Springboard UI/UX design career track

I help students break into the design industry with weekly 1:1 sessions. I review projects, keep them motivated and guide them through their learning journey. Springboard has a unique MOOC offering that fully refunds students who don’t land a job after graduation.

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Hexagon UX

I'm also part of the 2021/22 mentors for Hexagon UX Paris. Hexagon is a non-profit aimed to empower and support womxn and non-binary folx to bring their whole selves to work — building confidence, balancing the ratio in the UX industry, and affecting change on a greater scale.